What Harry Styles Fans Wore for ‘Harryween’

Stylers, as Harry Styles’s fans like to call themselves, have been dressing in homage to their flamboyant idol for his Love on Tour concerts. For the final leg at Madison Square Garden over the weekend, which coincided with Halloween, they pulled out the stops. Mr. Styles, who has been hailed, aptly or not, as a David Bowie for a new generation, urged fans to arrive in fancy dress. Fair to say, they understood the assignment, wearing some semblance of the star’s signature boa feathers and froth. The costume extravaganza, billed as Harryween, was a hybrid celebration of the pop prince’s florid gender-free style and of a traditional Allhallows Eve — a veritable fashion parade that rivaled cosplay conventions and the most fanciful runway shows.

Emma Miller, left, and Alesia Goodloe.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times
Kayla Gonzalez, left, and Cassandra Mercado.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Skylar Spanburgh.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Skylar Spanburgh

Age: 25

Occupation: mental health therapist

Home: West Virginia

Are you part of a fruit bowl?

Yes, I’m a strawberry. I’m here with my fiancé. He’s a banana. My costume is from a website called Dolls Kill.

And that schoolgirl beret?

That’s mine. I thought it would be cute, like a strawberry top.

Your bag is an imitation watermelon wedge. What’s that about?

Harry sings a lot about strawberries and watermelons, like in his song “Watermelon Sugar.”

What do those lyrics say to you?

Hmm, how do I put this? I think they’re about pleasuring a woman.

Grace Kudelka.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Grace Kudelka

Age: 22

Occupation: video marketer

Home: Chicago

You make a fetching milkmaid.

Actually, this costume is inspired by the movie “Midsommar.” It’s the female lead right after she becomes May Queen. I’ve always wanted to do this get-up and figured this would be the perfect time to show it off.

Did you pluck your rose crown from a garden?

I made it. The flowers are from Goodwill. I took a wire hanger, made a circle, wrapped it in stuffing, cut up the flowers and glued them on. I made most of my costume out of the sheet from a bed, and cut out some stencils to decorate it

What do you make of this preconcert fashion parade?

It’s an amazing communal experience. Everyone here is at the top of their game and on your same wavelength. You can talk to anyone in line and make a new friend.

Jose Couvertier.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Jose Couvertier

Age: 28

Occupation: lawyer

Home: San Juan, P.R.

Tell us about that shirt-slash-blouse you have on.

It’s from a Puerto Rican designer, Herman Nadal. It’s kind of an interpretation of Harry’s aesthetic, but the designer is local, very Caribbean, very fun.

What does the look say about Harry Styles?

Harry is very out there. He’s the face of Gucci.

Does that make him authentic?

I like to think he has some say in what he gets to wear. He’s a creative artist who dresses as a form of self-expression. He’s a little bit Gucci, a little himself. But he’s genuine.

Olivia Cruz, left, and Koranda Orrico.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Olivia Cruz and Koranda Orrico


Age: 22

Occupation: substitute teacher

Home: New York City

Even in this crowd, your green hair is a beacon.

I’m an Oompa Loompa.

Down to the trousers, it seems.

These pants came as part of another costume. I cut them short, tied suspenders to the back and pinned them in front.

The collar makes a statement, too.

That’s what they wear at the chocolate factory.


Age: 22

Occupation: accountant

Home: New York City

Are your red coat and goggles upmarket cosplay?

I just thought, Harry’s very over-the-top and camp, so why not also be camp and mimic his vibe.

What makes him worthy?

He’s real, one of the most genuine artists working today. He knows how to connect. That’s what he’s done with so many people here.

Noreen Hofving, left, and Dora Teising making a sign to bring to the show.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Noreen Hofving and Dora Teising


Age: 18

Occupation: marketing student at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Home: New York City

You look like a bride from a fantasy Western.

That was the idea. Originally, we were going to order like these big robes with boas on them from Amazon. But that didn’t work out. So I was kind of like, Let’s just be brides. Let’s wear these sparkly cowboy hats with veils. The hats are the foundation of our look.


Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Home: New York City

You’re sprawled on the pavement making a poster. What will it say?

Our friend Caroline came as a lobster. So the message will read, “Have you ever seen a lobster dance?” I feel that’s something Harry would respond to.

And if he does?

Maybe he’ll dance with her.

Isabel Ketner, left, and Michelle Ketner.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Isabel Ketner and Michele Ketner


Age: 22

Occupation: software engineer

Home: Torrance, Calif.

You look like a pair of mermaids. Was that the point?

No, I wanted a “Mamma Mia!” moment with my mama. But Mom did the full-body jumpsuit, and I did the skimpy one. Who says software engineers can’t have fun?


Age: 55

Occupation: homemaker

Home: Torrance, Calif.

That’s a come-hither costume. What was the source?

It’s a jumpsuit from the internet. We wanted to do a mother-daughter look. The inspiration started with Harry. But it’s also “Mamma Mia!”

Christy Fey and Brian Willoughby.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Christy Fey and Brian Willoughby


Age: 50

Occupation: manager, complaints department, Kentucky Postal Service

Home: Louisville, Ky.

Your headpiece is a statement. Does it have a name?

This was a fascinator I’ve worn before. I added roses to make it fuller and matched it with this little floral dress that I’m wearing over a turtleneck.

Do I see a theme here?

It’s kind of a cross pollination between Harry and Hollywood. We felt like a lot of people would have Halloween themes. We wanted to go out of the box a little.


Age: 50

Occupation: executive at Konica Minolta U.S.A.

Home: Louisville, Ky.

You two are expertly coordinated.

I take pride in my style, in trying to keep up with the times.

But your hat seems to be a throwback.

The top hat is a staple of the Day of the Dead. We don’t believe in getting costumes at a costume shop. We went to Goodwill, bought some flowers at Michael’s and just kind of flung it all together. Two hours ago, we were throwing makeup on. We had no idea what we were doing.

Ashley Neagle.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

Ashley Neagle

Age: 25

Occupation: artist

Home: Ann Arbor, Mich.

Looks like you put a lot of work into your look.

It’s from Amazon.

I didn’t know Amazon offered anything so regal.

It’s inspired by the ’20s. I’m a huge fan of the ’20s. I love the style, the architecture and the fashion.

Is there an obscure Styles connection?

His music video “Treat People with Kindness” has a lot of 1920s references. I just thought I’d like to go with that.

Will we return in spirit to the Roaring Twenties?

Only in the sense that once this pandemic subsides, we will all be able to celebrate, to interact again.

From left, Emme Enojado, Yoana Grigorova, Stephanie Gonzalez and Yasmine Sami as the Beatles on the cover of their album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times
Majestie Fincher.Credit…Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times

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