DMCA Service

DMCA Service

Before discussing onlyfans copyright protection service, it is necessary to define what copyright is. Copyright is granted by law for the use or publication of a thought product by the owner. In this context, it is a right that prohibits copying, publishing and using an original work. It is indicated by the symbol © on the products. Products subject to this right are considered works and products that are not accepted as works within the scope of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 cannot benefit from this right and the copyright onlyfans DMCA service process provided by this right.

The author is the person who created the work. There can be more than one person. The owner of a work or compilation is defined as the creator without prejudice to the rights of the original author. In cinema studies; Director, Original Music Composer, Screenwriter are the co-owners of the work. Animators also have cartoon works.

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