Biden Looks to Shore Up Latino Support in Visit to Nevada and Arizona

President Biden plans to visit Nevada and Arizona this week to champion his economic policies and attack Republicans on immigration and abortion as he seeks to shore up a crucial but wavering Latino electorate in the two battleground states.

Mr. Biden will begin his trip on Tuesday in Reno, Nev., where he plans to promote his economic agenda and denounce former President Donald J. Trump over abortion rights. He then plans to travel to Las Vegas to trumpet his efforts to cut housing costs before heading on Wednesday to Phoenix, where he is set to make a manufacturing announcement.

The trip will seek to turn what polls have shown to be three of Mr. Biden’s biggest weaknesses — the economy, immigration and slipping support among Latinos — into strengths, and it comes as the president has adopted an aggressive new tone as he opens the general election campaign against Mr. Trump.

Mr. Biden will particularly have his eye on Latino voters, who are increasingly gravitating toward Mr. Trump. Mr. Biden’s campaign is set to air two interviews with the president on radio stations appealing to Latino audiences, kick off an organizing program to rally Latino voters and attack Republicans for restricting abortion rights and sinking a bipartisan immigration package full of measures to tighten border security.

“The Latino vote was critical to the president’s victory in 2020, and 2024 will be no different,” Mr. Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chávez Rodríguez, said in a statement. “Our community has deep roots in organizing, and we are excited to harness that skill set to fight for our families, our communities, and against Donald Trump’s anti-Latino agenda.”

Democrats have in recent years relied on Latino voters, particularly in states like Nevada and Arizona, which could tip the 2024 presidential election. Latinos make up roughly one in four eligible voters in Arizona and Nevada — states Mr. Biden won in 2020. But Mr. Trump has found support among many in the diverse Latino electorate, including evangelicals and those focused on border security. Mr. Trump has appealed in particular to Latinos without college degrees, an educational divide that has captured the attention of the White House.

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